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"Psychotherapy can be one of the greatest and most rewarding adventures, it can bring with it deepest feelings of personal worth, of purpose and richness in living." - Eda Leshan

Inner work

Healing and Rediscovery

So much of our lives, our thoughts, feelings, and actions, are driven by unconscious motives and patterned reactions. Taking time to reflect on our experiences and relationships to understand ourselves and create more thoughtful intention in our lives is a powerful act of self-transformation. Individual therapy and coaching offers a safe space to tend to your emotional well-being, and find opportunities for growth. My goal to create a space where you feel powerfully seen and heard to do the work of realizing the best version of yourself and your life.


Intimate Relationship Work

A New Conversation

Oftentimes when people seek out help in their relationships, they have been having the same conversations (or disagreements) over and over. Sometimes they have given up trying to talk altogether. This space is an opportunity to learn new ways of communicating that allow in fresh perspective, empathy, and the opportunity to feel good again about yourself and your future. I can help you find the right questions to ask to allow each other to feel truly heard, and deeply held. Fear, hurt, and shame can cause us to shut down. In our work, we will seek to reawaken your connection with vulnerability as the emotional birthplace of growth and connection. Don't feel you have to wait for trouble to seek out professional support. Taking time to nurture your relationships is an investment well worth making. We can develop a plan that will help you cultivate and practice habits that will keep your relationships strong and vibrant.

Group Coaching and Peer Support

Relational Self-Care

We are social creatures, we understand ourselves and the world around us through the lens of relationships. In today's digital world, and especially here in New England, loneliness is a real and present threat to wellness. Groups offer a safe and powerful way to connect with others on deep level, co-explore emotional landscape, and get to know your truest self in the process. It's also the best form of self-care. What I am talking about here is the warmth one feels when surrounded with people who show up in that experience to truly be there for one another. There's an openness and an ease of sharing. A willingness to take risks and be vulnerable. A knowledge that you are surrounded by people who do not judge, who are eager to hear of your joy, your suffering, everything that makes up your experience, and champion the better part of you to succeed. It’s almost a sort of giddiness, when that kind of connection happens in a group of people. I craft groups that effectively promote self-growth through the creation of unforgettable relational experiences.

Are you a business owner or manager? Do you lead a team that could use some help managing stress, tapping into their flow state, and connecting with their higher selves and each other? Contact me to find out more about mindfulness workshops for businesses!

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